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Registering your engine allows us to keep you updated with information that you might need, including recalls, warranty information changes, upcoming promotions and more. We take your privacy very seriously and will not provide your information to any 3rd party. First come, first served. Registering is easy. Fill in the information below and click submit. (Be sure to include all requested information and double check your engine’s serial number)

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Coverage From Top to Bottom

Each new engine sold by Mud Buddy Motors is covered by a 1-year frame warranty and a 5-year casting warranty. Powerhead warranties vary depending on the type of motor purchased. Briggs & Stratton offers a 3-year power head warranty. Kohler also offers a 3-year power head warranty. Performance motors, such as the HDR 5000 come with a 1-year power head warranty. Check with your local dealer for more warranty information. Warning: unauthorized modifications to your motor may void your warranty. It is highly advised you contact customer service before making any changes or upgrades to your engine. All warranty repairs must be completed by a certified Mud Buddy repair/service shop and approved by Mud Buddy Motors. Contact customer service for questions.