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Take your duck hunting game to the next level with videos and guides created by our expert staff. If you have ever wondered how you can improve your hunting techniques, this is the place for you. Our team has collected some of the best advice you can find. From selecting the right mud motor for your backwater expeditions to finding understanding surface drive and long tail mud motors, everything you need is right here. Not only do we work with some of the best the industry has to offer, but we ask customers like you what kind of information is most helpful. Together, we have created a large inventory of tips, tricks, how-to guides, and whatever you need for your next hunting and fishing season.

Our guiding principle is always to be moving forward, never to be content with where we are and what we have. We strive to not only be the best but better than we ever have been. We expand our efforts to our customer base. Not only are we continually innovating new designs, searching for better materials and testing the very limits of what a motor is capable of, but we strive to give you the answers to all of your duck hunting questions.

Mud Buddy Motors is also known for its power, durability, reliability, and customer service. We dedicate our lives to creating the best that the duck hunting business offers. Whether that is boosting your horsepower or enabling you to cross shallow waters with ease, Mud Buddy is your go-to source for it all. With our expanded dealer base located throughout the country, your new motor could be… literally right around the corner.

Our customer service team is ready to help you with all of your waterfowl hunting needs. If you can’t find the information that you are looking for on our site, contact our team. We would love to work with you discovering the right solution.