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How And Why Should I Register My Motor?

It is very important to register your motor. Not only does it allow us to keep you informed of any recalls and other important information about your motor, but it also helps us help you in regards to your warranty and helping you with any repairs that may be needed. It is an easy process to register your motor, click here to get started.

How Do I Find a Dealer?

To find your closest dealer, follow this link to our dealer locator and enter your zip code. You can sort your search by Mud Buddy only or add in Service Centers and Excel Boats dealers.

Is My Motor Still Under Warranty?

Depending on the motor you purchased and the date it was purchased on, your warranty will go into effect. Contact customer service on the about page if you have questions about the length and terms of your warranty.

Where Do I Buy Performance Parts?

Performance parts and repair parts can easily be purchased from Backwater Performance Systems. They are continually creating cutting edge performance upgrades for our motors as well as providing a wealth of knowledge to help you get the absolute best performance from your motor.

Where Is Mud Buddy Motors Located?

Mud Buddy Motors is located in West Jordan, Utah, just south of the Great Salt Lake. We have been manufacturing motors here for 25 years. 7956 S. 1530 W., West Jordan, Utah 84088 | (801) 352-8011

Who Do I Contact For Issues With My Motor?

If you are having trouble with your motor, please contact our customer service department as soon as possible. You can click the chat box located on the bottom right-hand corner of this and all pages. Or, you can send an email directly to keith@mudbuddy.com. We strive to respond to your questions as quickly as we are able. Here are few tips that will help us help you.

  1. Have your motor registered with the company. If you didn’t do this when you bought your motor, it is not too late. Click Here to register your motor

  2. Have your serial number at hand, as well as the model, and year it was purchased.

  3. Know the location of where the motor was purchased.