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Discover an exciting new level of performance. Pair a Mud Buddy motor with a propeller that’s engineered specifically to harness its power. Each propeller is designed by our engineers using proprietary information, manufactured to Mud Bawdy's stringent standards for quality and tested for performance. Nothing will enhance your mud motor's acceleration, top-end speed, handling and fuel efficiency quite like this. 


Propeller Size (inch X Pitch) For Backwater Motor Models
Raptor Three Blade 12 X 11 40 EFI to 7000
Hammer 12.75 X 11 4400 to 7000
Big Blade 12.25 X 10 3500 to 7000
11 X 10 21 to 29 horse
9 X 10 Super Longtail 35, 37EFI and 4400
10 X 6 Longrtail 35 and 37EFI
11 X 8 Kohler 12 Gear Down
9 X 7 Longtail 27 & 12 Gear Down
9 X 6 Longtail 23
9 X5 Longtail 23
8 X 4 Longtail 9
7 X 4 Longtail 9


Raptor Three Blade Propeller
Without a doubt, the best propeller you will ever own.
Great hole shots, unmatched speed and good in mud.
For HDR and Sport Short Tail
40 to 7000

Raptor Propeller



Big Blade Propeller
Works on all motors and the most popular and best selling propeller of all time.
For all conditions and the best mudding prop you will ever run.
For HDR and Sport Short Tail
23 to model 7000

Big Blade Propeller


Hammer Prpoeller
This propeller is best know for running large boats and loads.
For HDR and Sport Short Tail
37EFi to 7000

Hammer Propeller

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