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All brands of mud motors use quality tested
BPS performance parts.

Mud motors, dune buggies, mower racers, mini airboats
and go-carters use our parts.

Join the thousands of customers that enjoy
more power, speed and dependability

Performance Engine Parts


Carburetor Kits Twin and Single Mikuni

Mikuni Twin Carb Kit Mikuni BPS Carb Kit

Our Mikuni carb kits for large block vanguard engines are designed for guys that want more power, better hole shots, and increased top end speeds. The kit comes complete with all the parts you need plus photo instructions. Takes about 3 hours to install. When you squeeze the throttle, you will be hooked.




Performance Muffler

The Q "Quiet" stainless muffler built for the large block Vanguard engine is the most aggressive, deepest sounding, highest performing backwater muffler Mud Buddy built. They are ideal when dynamic sound, torque, and horsepower improvements are demanded by out customers.

Their maximum performance and improved flow path will generate more torque and power than ever before! If you really want to move larger boats and loads faster, then these Q mufflers are for you.

Takes one hour to install.


Q muffler




BPS Heads


BPS heads are designed for the large and small block Vanguard motors. The high performance after market heads provide more power, better hole shots and top end speeds. The heads are ported, decked for higher compression and the stock valves are replaced with a larger solid stem stainless valve.

Takes about four hours to install a set. Make sure you order a new set of head gaskets.

You will be amazed how the motor comes alive with large boats and hunting loads.


BPS Stainless Throttle Lever


The BPS Stainless throttle lever is an aftermarket throttle lever that replaces the plastic throttle lever. It is easier to use with large gloves, is ergonomically designed for long runs and looks great.


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