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Tips on Making Your Dogs First Hunt a Success


A dog’s first duck hunt is something special. There is nothing quite like seeing your pup make his first real retrieve. Not only does it make you proud as a canine "parent", it also puts a big smile across everyone’s face in the blind. The key to opening day success is to make pre-season training with your dog a priority. If you do the work beforehand, you can rest assured that the first time out on the water will be fun, exciting, and well-worth all of your hard work. Here are a few tips on building your pup’s confidence and retrieving instincts without letting them pick up any bad habits along the way.

Tip 1: Go Step by Step

Take time laying out a plan for acclimating your pup to the hunting environment.

It’s essential to take your pup through the right training steps before throwing them into the arena. Expand their world by taking it step-by-step from the living room to the backyard to the water to the boat and ultimately the blind. Get your pup in the water early and often, especially if it in not a traditional waterfowl breed. You should also introduce them to other dogs for socialization and give them experience with travel crates, boats, gunfire, game birds, and other hunting equipment.

Tip 2: Let Them Go for It

Hunting grounds can seem intimidating to a young puppy unfamiliar with the environment. Let your pup get used to the areas slowly. Through pre-season training in your actual hunting environment they will discover the unique terrain features and how they can navigate them. If you can't get to your actual blind before the season begins you need to simulate it in the field beforehand as closely as possible.

Tip 3: Keep Commands Basic

Many owners begin training with multiple commands. However, having too many commands off the bat can confuse the puppy. Begin training with the simple commands like sit, heel, here and no. The key here is to build good habits, so work on these commands daily. Reinforce successes with praise, and do not overlook the power of the command "no" when your pup exhibits unwanted behavior. Hunting with a disobedient dog can be miserable for all, so gain control early and maintain it.

Tip 4: Get Out There

Nothing speeds up the learning process quite like hands-on experience. Once you feel that your dog has the tools to succeed in the field get out there! Remember to have patience with your puppy and yourself. If you have prepared well, then you and your dog won’t face too many obstacles. However if you do have problems early keep in mind that your dog's first hunting trip probably will not be his last, so that means you can continually improve your training regimen as the season progresses.

Tip 5: Critique Your First Hunt

Finally, you should also pay close attention on each hunt to what your dog does well and what needs improvement. If frustration sets in, seek help from a professional. Through critical evaluation you will be able to make adjustments in training, thus avoiding prior mistakes on the next hunt.

Training your hunting dog takes work, but it can also be very rewarding. For more advice on improving hunting season for you or your pup, contact our team at Mud Buddy Motors. We love helping folks find ways to make their hunting trips more enjoyable. Our professionals can also outfit you with all the proper gear for your pup’s first season and all of the rest after that. Get in touch today.

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