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Mud Motor

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How To Get Your Mud Buddy Stuck

Beautiful day out on Lake Kissimmee until I ran into a huge mud tussock.

37EFI HDR with BPS Tuner

Gator Tail Getting Pulled Out By A Mud Buddy

This a gator tail boat with a GTR geting pulled out by a MudBuddy on a crappy ribbed bottom boat. The guy had been stuck in the gator tail for a good 30min and was ready to get out

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Mud Motor

Meet the Timber King

This super durable motor is specifically designed for running in flooded timber. It features a 27in...

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Mud Motor

Gore™ Optifade™—The Science Of Nothing

GORE™ OPTIFADE™ makes you unrecognizable in the eyes of your prey through the first technology of its kind based on the visual capability of ducks and geese. The GORE™...

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Mud Motor

The Mud Buddy Shadow - New Trim Package

The SHADOW trim package, sets a new standard in surface drive motor appearance and design.

For HDR 5000 and 40 models only.|$350


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