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Super Retriever Series

Where the Big Dogs Run

Mud Buddy Motors is proud to sponsor the Super Retriever Series presented by Eukanuba.

The Super Retriever Series is a hybrid game to find just what it states… The Super Retriever… The retriever that can do it all… in the field, during a hunt test, in a hunting situation and a handler not only to take them there, but to do it as a team.

Our retrievers are an invaluable part or our hunting team and their health is top priority.

Visit the Website below to learn more!

Watch this seasons competition on Amazon Prime:

The 2019 Winners.

1st Caleb Williamson and Trigg (right)
2nd David Murphy & Radley (middle)
3rd Steward Wiliams and Casper (left )

Photo Credit : Jake Latendresse

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