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Goose Farms, Family, & the Art of Water Fowling


If you are anything like us, chances are you dream of the days spent out on the hunt with your friends and family. Not only do you spend time daydreaming, but you also admire others who have turned their passion into a lifestyle.

If this sounds familiar, be prepared to fall in love with the Bond Family in an exclusive video short from Excel Boats and Mud Buddy Motors, Goose Farms – Everything Comes Home.

Goose Farms is a family-owned farm and hatchery that has been in the Bond Family for over three generations. But duck hunting is not just a hobby for the Bonds—it is a way of life.

“Goose Farms is more than just a location. It’s actually a story about the Bond Family. A family that has built for three generations and going on four, their entire lifestyle in the winter around the art of waterfowling,” said J. Paul Jackson, Business Operations Manager at Excel Boats and former host of Drake’s Migration Nation.

Family members start young and end up spending their entire lives chasing the next great hunt. Fortunately, those hunts happen nearly every time they get out on the water thanks to their passionate duck hunting philosophy.

“Me and my dad, we both strive to do whatever we can do for the ducks but, also, to be able to have good hunts,” remarked West Bond. “It is not all about killing for us. If we have the comradery, friendship, good laughs, good food, and kill a few birds, we have had a great time.”

But Goose Farms didn’t become what it is today without a little blood, sweat, and tears.

When the Bond Family first acquired the land, they did all they could to make it a waterfowler’s playground.

They shut their doors, ran dirt pans for two years, buried new pipes, zero-graded, and precision-leveled all of the lands to make it easy for hunters to maneuver the farm more efficiently.

Along with getting the ground leveling right, they also spent years getting the soil in tip-top condition planting corn and flooding the farm.

Since then, Goose Farms has become a part of the Bond family’s tradition and legacy which included imprinting long before it was a staple in the waterfowling community.

J. Paul Jackson also remarked how the Bonds understood the importance of imprinting back in the day, even though it was a bit of novel idea to many.

“Not only was Mr. Bond successful at imprinting, but he was also wildly successful at it,” said Jackson.

Today, biologists and hunters alike understand how imprinting can transform the duck hunting game. But what makes Goose Farms so unique is the long-standing family tradition of waterfowl hunting in the Bond Family.

“My grandfather, his passion was duck hunting. Then, dad going with him all the time, his passion turned into duck hunting. I started going with them when I was just three, four years old. I would just sit in the boat and watch,” said West. “Now, my father has passed Goose Farms onto us. He built a lodge for us, family and friends, to enjoy what we love to do.”

This is Goose Farms, where everything comes home.”

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