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Everything You Need to Know About Duck Hunting Blinds


Through the years, the sport of duck hunting has become more advanced and efficient. From the development of nontoxic ammo to innovative mud motors to improved shotguns, today’s waterfowl hunting gear is far superior to that of the past. One of the finest improvements to the duck hunting world is the addition of the duck boat blind.

How Blinds Changed the Duck Hunting Game

Duck boat blinds dramatically improve hunting performance and efficiency. Not only that — duck hunting expert Mark Romanack says, “hunting waterfowl without the benefit of a blind is like going fishing without a boat.” Duck hunting blinds are an efficient way to hunt as they help block out wind, rain, sun, and creatures from creeping into your watercraft. They also help you blend into your surroundings, making it hard for the ducks to spot you (especially from a distance).

If you are interested in getting a blind for the upcoming duck season, consider the following.

The Importance of Blinds when Hunting Ducks

A duck hunting blind offers a variety of benefits. Here are a few that top our list.

1. Concealment

Since most blinds offer a natural appearance, ducks are more likely to fly freely overhead. You can attach the blind to your boat or lay it on the ground for use when ducks cross your path. No matter the materials or attachments you choose, duck blinds offer a high level of concealment against your prey.

2. Protection

As you know, the weather during duck season varies from day to day. While most hunters consider foul weather to be their greatest blessing, it can be uncomfortable to sit in the freezing cold for hours at a time. Duck boat blinds provide the protection you need while out on the water. Whether you need protection against the elements or other critters, blinds provide you with both.

3. Comfort

Along with protection, duck blinds make the hunting experience more comfortable. Not only do they regulate the temperature, duck blinds are comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. Additionally, duck boat blinds are detachable, making it easy to remove or install as required.

How to Build a Duck Boat Blind

Duck blinds don’t always need to come at a high cost. There are plenty of options available to purchasers from qualified retailers. You can also choose a DIY duck boat blind. While it is harder to build an attachable duck boat blind than those used for other hunting types, it is not impossible. Most duck boat blinds use PVC pipe, materials used for coverage, Velcro, and chicken wire for a makeshift tent shape. The benefits of building your blind are that you can outfit it to your specific needs. Whether that means half-shade, full-coverage, or something else, you can make your duck blind purely your own.

How NOT to Build a Blind

The most challenging part of building your own duck boat blind is getting the measurements correct. Take your time to ensure the poles are the proper length, and don’t build it up too much. A sturdy blind can quickly become unstable with unnecessary weight. It may take a few tries to get the measurements and weight distribution just right, but the end result can be used for years to come.

Duck Hunting with Mud Buddy Motors

Mud Buddy Motors is always here to help make your hunting trips the best you have ever had. Contact us with any questions you may have regarding blinds, duck hunting accessories, or our backwater motors. Call us today and talk shop with one of our teammates! We would love to hear from you.

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