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Duck Hunting

Practice Your Calls

Now's the perfect time to work on your calling skills

Got a little time on your hands? Nobody else around due to quarantine? What better time to work on your duck calling. We've put together some of our best videos to help you practice hone your skill.

Rick Dunn, owner of Echo Calls, gives tips on the 3 basic calls we make at ducks. These 3 types of calls will help tremendously in getting ducks attention and then finishing ducks.

World Champion Rick Dunn, owner of Echo Calls, talks a little about decoy spreads and how we change things according to the type of water we’re hunting.

Rick Dunn, owner of Echo Calls, tells of the importance of maintenance and repair on your duck calls. He teaches what the cork in the call does and how it functions. He also explains when to change the cork in your duck call and what it will sound like when it needs to be changed.

This week in the shallow water, Keith and Jeffrey head to BPS headquarters for a lesson in duck calling from a true master. Unfortunately, Keith doesn't use his call very much and Jeffrey... well... he has never blown one in his life.

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