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Raptor 3 Blade Performance Propeller

Guys you need to check out this new hot blade. Gets your boat up on step right now. Great top end speed and super thrust in reverse. Standard on all 4400 motors.


Raptor Three Blade Propeller

Boys Will Be Boys -

Never missing an opportunity to play in the mud, the Gator Trax team went down to Delacroix, LA after 4 days of hard NW wind that emptied the marsh. We went to get some still shots for some ads but wound up with some video of us in the process that we thought you'd enjoy. So...enjoy!



New Optifade Exclusive Mud Buddy Camo

OPTIFADE™ camo will be available directly from Mud Buddy. This pattern is exclusive to Mud Buddy and Excel. Sitka released the camo pattern at the Vegas Shot show this year. 

OPTIFADE™ technology is the first concealment of its kind based not on human vision, but on the visual capability of your targeted prey. GORE™ OPTIFADE™ pattern takes into account how ducks and geese see the world below them, and works to inhibit visual stimulation and delay detection. While mimicry patterns attempt to make the hunter look like something, OPTIFADE™ digital concealment pattern makes the hunter appear to be nothing. And most importantly…….it looks awesome too.

optifade camo


See Mud Buddy and Excel on Drake's Migration Nation

Drake Waterfowl®, innovators in waterfowl hunting, is proud to introduce the 2016 Migration Nation with host, J. Paul Jackson. This exciting waterfowling show on The Sportsman Channel® is the result of years of planning and preparation. Much like Drake Waterfowl's innovative approach to building waterfowl gear, Migration Nation is a unique show offering a firsthand view into the blind with some of the best waterfowl hunters in the country. Mud Buddy and Excel Boats are the premier sponsors of Drake's Migration nation, our third year with this elite team of friendly and exciting hunters.

Drake Waterfowl



Look for Mud Buddy and Gator Trax Boats on Swamp People and Duck Dynasty this season.
Duck Dynasty

New Briggs 37 EFI

From hole shots to top end speed, the finest Vanguard Big Block.

Vanguard EFI

Mud-Buddy Vanguard® 37 Gross HP* BIG BLOCK™ EFI V-Twin

Mud-Buddy and Briggs & Stratton Commercial power have teamed up to deliver an engine perfectly suited to the harsh demands of today's mud motors - the 37 Gross HP* Vanguard® BIG BLOCK™ EFI V-Twin. Vanguard's open-loop EFI system offers automotive-style no-choke starting, smoother operation, and increased performance.


  • Direct Throttle Control – helps eliminate lag or droop, and deliver crisp throttle response
  • Idle Air Control – allows for smooth idle down to 800 rpm – perfect for trolling, docking, decoy retrieval, and trailering
  • 20/50 Amp Alternator – runs electric clutches, light bars, winches, and other electronic accessories
  • High Flow 3-Angle Valves and Seats – better fuel flow to the combustion chamber delivers steady operation at low idle
  • High Capacity Electronic Fuel Pump – runs cooler and delivers better performance
  • High Speed Rev Limiter – set at 4750 rpm, protects against over-revving


  • EFI Speed Sensing – the ECM constantly measures engine data, including RPMs and spark timing to deliver the right amount of fuel precisely when it’s needed
  • EFI Port Fuel Injection – controlled by the ECM, the fuel pump pressurizes the fuel before it reaches the injectors, delivering the exact amount need to the combustion chamber.
  • EFI Calibration – tested and calibrated to deliver optimum starting in all weather and altitude conditions


  • Horsepower: 37HP*
  • Displacement: 993cc, 61 cubic in.
  • Torque: 54 ft. lbs.


  • All Vanguard commercial engines are backed by a 3 Year warranty
  • Vanguard® BIG BLOCK™ V-Twin with EFI offers advanced service diagnostic capabilities


    • Sport V
    • HD Sport and HDR Sport (reverse)
    • Longtail and Super Longtail

Best Stainless Performance Muffler

The Q "Quiet" stainless muffler is the most aggressive, deepest sounding, highest performing backwater muffler Mud Buddy built. They are ideal when dynamic sound, torque, and horsepower improvements are demanded by out customers.

Their maximum performance and improved flow path will generate more torque and power than ever before! If you really want to move larger boats and loads faster, then these Q mufflers are for you. One year warranty.


Q muffler


HDR - New Hyper Drive Reverse - so simple and easy to use. "Backwater King"

Backing up could not get easier.

The best selling mud motor in the world just got better. This all new electric shift F-N-R drive has the controls on the end of the handle. The Mud Buddy HDR is different and new - it is quick and easy to use, locks solidly with the largest electric clutch reverse gears. Once engaged and ready for work, our high power special gear ratio and new high pitch reverse propellers provide unparalleled power when you need to get off your trailer, out of a mud hole, or back out of a one way channel.

Coupled with other unique Mud Buddy features such as handle end controls, Mercury power trim, built in travel lock, only stainless steel drive tube and skeg, patented bearing drive and the larger and most powerful engines in the world, these motors are said by many "The Backwater King".

In July 2015, we will release our stainless version of the HDR. The drive tube, skeg, motor position plate, swivels, etc will all be 304 stainless.

Check out the exclusive features.





Excel Boats New Lineup

Excel Boats

Excel - Mountain View Arkansas is well known for producing the toughest mass production boat on the market today.
These high end duck boats are a perfect match for the new Mud Buddy Sport V (shown) and the HDR belt drive reverse motors.

Excel Boats

Check out the F-86.

(Rick Dunn - World Champion Duck Caller and Owner, Echo Duck Calls.)


Center Console F86

Excel Boats

Tiller Model F86

Excel Boats

Check out the F4.
J. Paul Jackson - Host Migration Nation

Rick Dunn and Dave Reynolds (Excel Boats)

Gator Trax Boats


If you are looking for a production custom boats, contact our good friends at Gator Trax.

Check out the new Marsh Series.

Prodigy Boats

Prodigy Boats


Watch for us on Duck Dynasty, Swamp People and Drake's Migration Nation this season.

Duck Dynasty  Swamp People Migration Nation

Echo Calls. Duck Commander Calls Drakes Migration Nation


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