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Every Mud Buddy dealer is provided a protected territory and leads generated in that territory. Capitalize on this growing market segment and extend your selling season well into December. Please contact Dave Reynolds @ 801-617-1084 for more information.

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HDR Reverse Belt Drive
Sport V Outboard Style
Mini Sport
Longtail and Supertail


Mud Buddy was the first to design, patent and market the bearing drive mud motors used today. There is no equal to our drive systems. Mud Buddy offers more standard features like power trim and electric clutch, at the best price in the industry. The HD and HDR models are by far, the most advanced, most powerful backwater surface drive mud motors in the industry. Shallow water boats and their motors are one of the fastest growing segments in the marine industry. More and more outdoors men and women are discovering the versatility, access and just plain fun a mud motor provides. Our dealer network is our lifeblood and we work hard to assist them with more than just providing a superior product.