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Glenn D. Foreman

Mud Buddy Manufacturing is located near the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The company was founded by Glenn Foreman in June 1994. During the Vietnam War, Glenn, an Army veteran saw shallow water motors navigate the jungle waterways of southeast Asia.

Glenn Foreman grew up hunting and fishing in his native Utah, and in the mid 1990's took up building backwater motors to access distant and difficult to reach hunting marshes along the edge of the shallow Great Salt Lake in northern Utah.

Glenn Foreman

The family home became the workshop for a new generation of mud motors that featured longer lasting longtail bearing drives (patented), a new mount for turning the long motors into boats for trailering and a new innovative one-piece frame that was stronger, lighter and easier to operate. In 1996 Glenn Foreman built his first belt drive longtail mud motor from a used Rupp 399 Hirth snowmobile engine and drive.

The Foreman's business quickly expanded and they moved into their new manufacturing shop in 1998 in Sandy, Utah.

In a quest for more speed and maneuverability, Mr. Foreman invented the first working short tail belt drive mud motor in 1999 and devloped his first working model in 2000. The belt drive mud motors worked efficiently and were faster. In a quest to make them even better, local foundries were employed to produce the first all cast aluminum mud motor frames. More models were built, tested and run in 2001 and 2002 and in 2003, the first Hyper Drive was released, the same short tail motor so many sportsman use today.

Glenn Foreman never stopped innovating and today Mud Buddy builds the most modern, most powerful and fastest production mud motors in the world. Dealer across the nation and around the world proudly match Mud Buddy motors with all brands of aluminum backwater boats.

Today, the motor that was first built for duck hunters is now used for fishing, backwater exploring, commercial use, mining, government agencies and scientific academia to navigate shallow backwater areas where no outboard motor could go.

Mud Buddy offers over 42 models of motors to include the first belt drives, the first belt drive mini motors, the first super longtail belt drive and the first gear driven cone clutch vertical style outboard, the Sport V, and its horizontal cousin, the Sport H, well known today as the Boss Drive.

Glenn Foreman is an accomplished engineer, big game hunter and staunch supporter of all wildlife conservation organizations and the NRA. Although semi-retired today, Glenn continues to head up product research and development to include new boat line development for the family owned Excel Boat Company and Dragonfy Airboat Company. Glenn enjoys semi-retirement with his wife Connie and relies on his children, friends, loyal employees, and other family to run the shallow water companies.

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Dear Mud Buddy;

At last!!!!!!!!!!!  A mud motor that a commercial guide like myself can simply turn the key, advance the throttle and just go! Guiding in the Louisiana marshes in excess of 250 days a year, I need a mud motor that is dependable, tough, and smooth. Mud Buddy's had exceeded my every expectation. And I can't say enough about your service. 

Capt. Mark Brochhoeft
Big Red Guide Service
Myrtlel Grove, Louisiana


What an animal!  I cannot believe how powerful this machine is. We need a bigger boat!  The Mud Buddy is standard hunting equipment at the Black Dog from now on.  

Todd Brittain
Black Dog Hunting Club


Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate doing business with your company. Your service and sales staff are a joy to work with and no matter where I go, on the duck marsh, or at outdoor shows, I hear nothing but praise about your company. 

Don Sowell, Arkansas




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Meet the Mud Buddy Company Officers


Bill Hendricks  General Manager

Bill Hendricks
General Manager


Clint Hovey
National Sales Manager


Candice Summers
Chief Financial Officer


Micah Triplett
Performance Engine Manager


Keith Mitchell
Customer Service Manager


Ambry Hatch
Dealer Services Manager


Carlos Macedo
Production Manager


Miguel Miranda
Shipping Manager

Carrie Receptionist

Carrie Wees
Customer Service Receptionist



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