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About Us

"Being the leader means creating a lifetime of memorable and exciting experiences." 
Glenn Foreman, Owner, Mud Buddy

Mud Buddy Manufacturing was founded in 1994 by is president and manager, Glenn Foreman. 

Mud Buddy is located in West Jordan, Utah near the shores of the Great Salt Lake, an
inland body of water that 10,000 years ago covered an area that spanned Utah and parts
of Idaho and Nevada. Today the lake, however much smaller, is still the largest body of
water in the western United States. It is home to a large resident population of
waterfowl and millions of migrating birds. 

This inland waterway hosts hundreds of miles of shoreline dotted with marshes that
contain some of the best mud motor terrain in North America. Our high mountain
lakes, great rivers like the Green and Snake, along with dozens of waterfowl
enclosures, provide some of the most challenging mud motor country anywhere. 
Mud motors were developed here over 40 years ago to tackle waist deep mud, thick
ats of weeds, boulder ridden streams, and log filled timber estuaries along river
corridors. It is here, where the world's finest high-tech mud motors were developed.

The Company
Today, Mud Buddy hosts a full component production facility of motors, blinds
and boating accessories. Mud Buddy is well known around the world, and our
products can be seen at more than 200 marine outlets across North America. 
The company is best known for developing the modern mud motor, short tail
motors, the extended life mud motor patented bearing drive, patented mud
motor seal system, a swivel assembly that allows longtails to rotate into the
boat, computer designed frames, and a new generation of lightweight full
feature hunting blinds. We were the first to experiment with surface drive
propellers in the mid 90s, long before the first short tails entered the market. 
The list goes on. These innovations and spearheading were so well received by a
public waiting for something better, others quickly followed Mud Buddy's lead and
many strive to offer these fine features as well.

Mud Buddy's greatest achievement was the design, engineering and manufacturing
of the the world's most advanced mud motor that does it all.

Why we build the Mud Buddy so strong and light.
The Great Salt Lake is four times saltier than the ocean, which caused us to
build a highly corrosion-resistant frame. And because we travel so far between
shoreline marshes, we were also motivated to build the lightest and most powerful mud motors.

Our Overall Goal
The company endeavors to provide America with a new generation of backwater motors,
blinds, custom duck boats, and hunting boat accessories featuring quality materials,
superior components and leading edge design and technology.

The Team
Apart from offering manufacturing, sales, parts and service under a single roof,
Mud Buddy has a well-trained and experience workforce, dedicated to total customer
delight. In fact, Mud Buddy attributes its remarkable success to this exceptional
team of engineers, designers, manufacturing, sales and service professionals.

Our Pledge

We strive every day to improve our customer service.
If for any reason we fail to meet your expectations, please call us.


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