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Hyper Motor Models

Vanguard 23

If you want the most powerful motors in their class, you will love the new small Van HyperDrive. This engine is unmatched when it comes to raw power. These motors run extremely smooth and quiet.  Features you will enjoy when you choose the 14 or 23 Vanguard for your next boat motor.

Now available with electric clutch and neutral.

For boats 14' to 16'. 
(note, a 14' boat must have a minimum of 42" bottom.  Some 14' boats are difficult to move with any mud motor.  Meaning, you should order the 23 if you have a large load and more than 2 people. )


bulletVanguard 14 and 23 horse
bulletElectric and pull start, except for the 23 Van.
bulletHydraulic assist tilt and trim.
bulletHyper aluminum main-frame.
bulletThree foot Chrome moly drive.
bulletNow available with electric clutch, neutral and the Legendary Sport outdrive.
bulletHigh and low transom models.
bulletMarine powder coat finish
bulletPatented bearing drive.
bulletPatented seal system.
bulletLegendary Tiger propeller.
bulletOversized quiet muffler.
bulletClamp mount.
bulletBearing swivel assembly.
bulletAdjustable handle.
bulletTwist grip throttle.
bulletHeight 23"   
bulletLength Drive (32" short transom and 48" tall transom)


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Vanguard 23  $3895
Short transom model only.

Warranty - 2 years engine, 1 year frame and drive.
Extended Frame and Drive Warranty Now available.

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