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Sport V Best Mud Motor

Sport V

The Sport V changes the look, feel and quality of mud motors forever.



We proudly introduce the Foreman sport V Series
backwater motor

An advanced shallow water motor design.
For use in backwater mud and weed areas.
(no rock shoe designed for this model)

Sport V36 - $7,952

Sport V4400 - $9,347

Sport V5000 - $10,349

tall - add $100

Sport V Mud Buddy


Belt drive mud motors served us well for years. They were simple to design and easy
to build. We have always fought with market perception that belt drive mud motors are
entry level and unreliable. Even though they were good machines, today's sportsman
are demanding a higher level of engineering.

Everything and everyone evolves and it is time for the backwater world and
Mud Buddy to step up to meet and exceed modern marine motor standards.

We proudly introduce the most advanced, powerful and durable mud motor
design in the world.

Q: What type castings are used?
A: The entire mount assembly and drive assembly is cast aluminum and stainless steel.
When we first released the Sport V in the summer of 2013 we had some issues with the aluminum castings so
we changed to Investment Castings with hardened heat treating. We also changed the original
design from .109 wall outdrives to .180 wall. Today the Sport V transmission and drive meet
and exceed the Mud Buddy established shallow water industry casting standards.

Q: Are gears stronger than belts?
A: Both drives work very well. Our belt drive is rated for 105 horse. Our
Sport V and H cone clutch gears are rated at over 500 horse.

Q: But a belt flexes, will the gears take impact?
A: First of all our gears are rated for five times more horsepower. We didn't stop
there - we incorporated a custom flex coupler between the
engine and transmission which effectively cushions impacts and drive harmonics.
Another benefit is a very, very smooth ride. You won't believe you are
driving a mud motor.

Q: Are gear drives more efficient than belt drives?
A: Both belt and gear drives are within .02% as efficient of each other. Gears being
slightly more. Testing shows our Sport V is slightly faster than our belt drives. Only
.7 mph on the average, but a little more.

Q: Is the Sport V drive tough?
A: The new Sport V has a 1/8" to 1/2" thick hardened aluminum cast drive with a 1/4"
cast aluminum and stainless skeg.

Q: Does the Sport V drive turn easy?
A: The 27" drive and longer handle are impressively easy to steer.

Q: Will the Sport V drive run deep mud?
A: We tested the Sport V 27" drive last year and it does
just as well as the 27" Sport belt drive. The frame dimensions are the same.
The 32" Sport V will run just like the 32" Sport belt drive, however the V is weighted
back and not suited for running in rocky rivers in that we have not designed
a heavy duty rock shoe for this model.

Q: Will brush cause the shift handle to come out of gear?
A: The shift handle is moved from one gear to the other by squeezing the throttle
shift trigger. This unlocks the lever and allows it to be moved from one gear to
another. This protects the lever from accidental shifting.

Q: Will the drive raise if I let off the gas while running at full throttle?
A: Very unlikely. First the drive is weighted back to help it stay in the water,
and we built in an automatic transmission/propeller free-spin when you let off the gas. Give it
gas and the propeller/trans engages, let off the gas and it free-spins. This is
a feature you will find in the largest and most expensive outboard motors. The free spin
feature reduces drag when you let of the throttle keeping the propeller from rising. As our
motors get faster, this will be a necessary feature. We are planning ahead.

Q: What is the Sport V vibration level?
A: The Sport V was vibration tested by Briggs and Stratton last year
and the engineers agreed it was impressive. The Sport V advanced frame design
has vibration dampers at five locations in the frame making it the smoothest
running mud motor ever built. These motors are dead smooth - and
after a few miles - your hand will agree.

Q: Is the Sport V drive quiet?
A: You will be impressed. They have marine outboard components.

Q: Can you change the gear ratio, like the Sport?
A: We will have one set gear ratio for all models.
We have a standard Big Blade propeller and the new Hammer
high horsepower propeller choices.

Q: What about service?
A: The advantage of innovation is higher quality and reliability. The Sport V drives
are very simple. The engine is spline coupled to the transmission.
The transmission is spline coupled to the lower unit. Each has quality high
horsepower components - the best that ever hit the water. We did our homework, and we
designed these drives to be service friendly using the most advanced drive components
ever offered in a mud motor.

Plus we use top quality components like the Mercury 8000 plus pound trim actuator,
Mercury propellers, Mud Buddy patented bearing drive system, and the industry's most
advanced and toughest cast aluminum frame.

Q: Is the new Sport Series reliable?
A: The most common mud motors failures are engine, clutch, clutch switch, trim,
drive seals and drive bearings. We eliminated the clutch and clutch switch. We also
eliminated the belt, belt tensioning and drive greasing. We proudly
use the industry's most reliable BPS engines, the Mercury 8200 pound
trim unit and the Mud Buddy patented drive seal system. The Sport V
drive bearings are 500% stronger than anything on the market today and
used on 500 horsepower stern drives. However, even though the Sport V
drives are simple and tough, anything can be broken. We cover our
products with the industry's best warranty, to include our performance
motors and commercial use.

Q: What does the competition think about the new Foreman Sport Series?
A: There is room for everyone in this business. But just like golf - the only competition we really
have is ourselves. Sport V or Sport H is the only decision our loyal customers have.

Patents Pending 2013

horizontal rule

Engine Model
Cam Piston Muffler
Sport V44
Iron Mountain
Mikuni 42mm
Q - High Flow
Sport V50 Mag
Iron Mountain
Mikuni 42mm
Q - High Flow

Sport V Front

Sport V Mud Buddy

Trim control on end of handle.
Stainless BPS throttle

Sport V Mud Buddy


Loaded with Standard Features:

Vanguard Large Block Engines
High RPM CDI Coils
Marine Wiring
Cone Clutch F-N-R
Heavy Duty Gearing
Stainless Exhaust
High Output CDI Coils
High Output Valve Springs
Oury Moto Cross Comfort Grip
BPS Black Death Intake
BPS Custom 44mm Carb (44 and 50 models)
BPS Prop Line Cutter
Oil Site Gauge
Big Blade Propeller
Hammer Propeller
Patented Bearing and Seal System
Mercury Electric/Hydraulic Trim
Handle Ignition Switch
Universal Outboard Mount
Twin Articulating Balance Swivel Assembly
Engine Lift Handle (Black Powder Coat)
Adjustable Floating Handle
Locking Handle Shifter
Wide Angle Steer Stops
Wire Side Cover
Handle End Trim Control
Ground Access Trim Control
Engine Vibration Coupler
Swivel, Mount, Handle and Engine Vibration Damper
35mm Drive Shaft
Anti Splash Cav Plate - Sport V
BPS Squeeze Stainless Throttle Lever
Concealed Wires and Controls
Remote Steer Ready(some models)
Safety Kill Switch/Lanyard
Corrosion Protection Anode
Transom Saver Bar
Emergency Start, Shift, Trim and Throttle Systems
Rapid Fire Transmission

Hydraulic Remote Steering (for Mercury Controls) - $1250
"Q" High Flow Stainless Exhaust - $419
MB Max 4 - $300
Natural Gear Camo - $250
Hotti Cover - $129
100 MPH Cover - $89
Stainless Engine Lift Handle - $65
Rock Shoe - $65
- Single and Twin Carb Kits $775 and $1400

patents pending 2013

Sport V

Most Powerful Engines
Best Limited Warranty in the Industry

Sport V 44 and 50
1 year engine
1 year top to bottom drive
5 years casting

Limited to original owner - see warranty for details


Simple and tough.

Future Perfect


LA Mud





Remote Steer Package - $1250
Includes Hydraulic Steering
Steering Wheel
Mercury Shift and Throttle Control
Tachometer/Hour Meter
Control Cable
Steering Hoses
Mounting Hardware

Sport H Remote Steer

Also see the new Sport H

Sport V

Owners's Manual

Sport V Mud Buddy

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