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We proudly introduce the Sport V balanced drive backwater motor.

Drives like an outboard with the attitude of a mud motor.

Sport V 3600 - $7,695

Sport V 3700 EFI - $8195

Sport V 4400 - $9,550

tall - add $100

Hydraulic Remote Steering (for Mercury Controls) - $1250
"Q" High Flow Stainless Exhaust - $419
MB Grass (Shown Below)- $300
Natural Gear Camo - $250
Hotti Cover - $129
100 MPH Cover - $89
Stainless Engine Lift Handle - $65
Rock Shoe - $65
Single Carb Kit $775

Engine Model
Cam Piston Muffler
Sport V 3600 Vanguard Vanguard Vanguard Vanguard Vanguard Stock Stainless
Sport V 3700 EFI Vanguard Vanguard Vanguard Vanguard Vanguard Q - High Flow
Sport V 4400
Iron Mountain
Mikuni 42mm
Q - High Flow


Sport V Best Mud Motor

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New Sport V EFI

Sport V EFI 37

Fuel injection:
Easy starting in all weather conditions.
Auto adjust fuel/air mixture for any altitude.
Exceptional hole shots.
Constand idle speed.
High speed warm up.
Better fuel economy.
Two more horsepower.

Special Offer:
Order by April 30, 2015 and get a free Q stainless steel
performance exhaust upgrade. ($419 value)



Mud-Buddy Vanguard® 37 Gross HP* BIG BLOCK™ EFI V-Twin

Mud-Buddy and Briggs & Stratton Commercial power have teamed up to deliver an engine perfectly
suited to the harsh demands of today's mud motors - the 37 Gross HP* Vanguard® BIG BLOCK™
EFI V-Twin. Vanguard's open-loop EFI system offers automotive-style no-choke starting,
smoother operation, and increased performance.


  • Direct Throttle Control – helps eliminate lag or droop, and deliver crisp throttle response
  • Idle Air Control – allows for smooth idle down to 800 rpm – perfect for trolling, docking, decoy retrieval, and trailering
  • 20/50 Amp Alternator – runs electric clutches, light bars, winches, and other electronic accessories
  • High Flow 3-Angle Valves and Seats – better fuel flow to the combustion chamber delivers steady operation at low idle
  • High Capacity Electronic Fuel Pump – runs cooler and delivers better performance
  • High Speed Rev Limiter – set at 4750 rpm, protects against over-revving


  • EFI Speed Sensing – the ECM constantly measures engine data, including RPMs and spark timing to deliver the
    right amount of fuel precisely when it’s needed
  • EFI Port Fuel Injection – controlled by the ECM, the fuel pump pressurizes the fuel before it reaches the
    injectors, delivering the exact amount need to the combustion chamber.
  • EFI Calibration – tested and calibrated to deliver optimum starting in all weather and altitude conditions


  • All Vanguard commercial engines are backed by a 3 Year warranty
  • Vanguard® BIG BLOCK™ V-Twin with EFI offers advanced service diagnostic capabilities


  • Horsepower: 37HP*
  • Displacement: 993cc, 61 cubic in.
  • Torque: 54 ft. lbs.

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Sport V 2015 Product Improvements:

- Thicker castings
- New stainless handle mount
- Full stainless steel skeg
- New balance point
- First balance vertical shallow water outboard

The Sport V changes the look, feel and quality of mud motors forever.



Sport V Mud Buddy

Handle end trim control.

Sport V Mud Buddy

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Loaded with 30 features other mud motors wish they had.
Using the most advanced marine motor technoldogy known to man today.

- Convenient handle end trim control.

- Plus another trim switch located on the handle near the engine for ground trim control.

- Cast aluminum handle with all wires and cables hidden inside.

- Oury brand moto-cross rubber grip.

- Stainless custom BPS throttle.

- Key switch on the handle.

- Big Blade and Hammer Propellers

- 36mm stainless 17-4 driveshaft.

- All aluminum cast housing components.

- Yamaha outboard style F-N-R shifter with no electric clutch, clutch switch and wires.

- Mercury built Bravo III 500 horse transmission gearing.

- Mercury built Alpah lower unit gearing.

- Mercury built 8300 pound electric hydraulic dependable trim actuator with matching
Mercury wire harness, switches and relays.

- Double articulating swivel assembly.

- Three sets of polyurathane vibration dampers.

- BPS 44 built high performance engines.

- BPS Q muffler

- BPS Black Death Mikuni carburetor intake manifold.

- BPS propeller line/reed cutter.

- BPS roller rockers

- BPS heads with one piece flow tested stainless valves.

- BPS pistons and performance high compression rods.

- Only EPA approved high performance engines.

- K&N airfilters

- Mikuni Harley Davidson 42mm high output atomizing carburetor.

- Outboard style cast aluminum boat mount.

- Stainless steel adjustable and removable skeg.

- Reverse anti-splash thruster plate. 

- Engine-side polymer wire cover.

- Outboard style oil filled drive. 250 hour service.

- Mercury 7" replaceable sacrificial anode (located on the mount)

- Mud Buddy patented bearing and seal system.

- And, the only vertical balanced drive in the industry. (2015 models)

patents pending

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The easiest shifting, easiest running mud motor ever built.
Simply shift into forward and reverse as needed.
And best yet, no other motor can back up in deep mud like this Sport V.





No other mud motor manufacture dares put their motor into this gravel bar.
Nothing is tougher than these 500 HP Mercury built Bravo III gears.



Some video clips are provided by our dealers and their customers.
Please be advised, be very careful running in shallow water
conditions, repect the environment and other users.

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Remote Steer Package - $1250
Includes Hydraulic Steering
Mercury Shift and Throttle Control
Tachometer/Hour Meter
Control Cables
Steering Hoses
Mounting Hardware

Sport H Remote Steer

Convenient modern outboard style shifting.

Sport V

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Owners's Manual

Wiring Diagram Tiller Handle
Wiring Diagram Remote Steer

Limited Warranty

Sport V 3600 and 3700 EFI
3 year engine, 1 year drive

Sport V 4400
1 year engine and drive

Sport V Mud Buddy Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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