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Performance Motors
Limited annual quantities.

When you own a Mud Buddy 35 Vanguard Sport you have 10 Levels of High Performance available to you.

If you want power, run large boats and loads, we have the Mud Buddy motor for you.

We now offer tuned exhaust and have contracted with a Briggs V-Twin high performance motor shop to build us quality larger horsepower motors.  These motors have a combination of carburators, cams, push rods, roller rockers and head work.  They run at higher rpms and pack a serious punch.

Motors vary in performance depending on the custom components added so we have distinquished them in levels.  Level 1 being the smallest horsepower, with level 6 our most powerful.

Warranty Notice:  These are custom built engines and do not have a Briggs and Stratton engine warranty.  The custom motors listed here have a one year frame warranty and a six month limited Mud Buddy engine warranty.


You can order these products from Mud Buddy or add performance later.  All 2007 Mud Buddy frames and drives are sold with the HD6000 frame components. So they are ready to add power when needed.


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Large Block Vanguard

Level 1.  HD 3500Z - Stock 35 Vanguard motor wit BPS tuned exhaust
(Purchase twin tuned exhaust $480)

Level 2.  HD 4000S - Purchase Single Mikuni Carb Kit ($775)

Level 3.  HD 4000T - Purchase Twin Mikuni Carb Kit ($1495)

Level 4. - Purchase Pro-FLo heads when ordering HD 4000T

Level 5. Legendary HD 4500  - Cam, lifters, roller rockers, tuned exhaust.

Level 6. HD 4500PF -  HD 4500 with Pro-Flo  heads.

Level 7.  HD 5000 - HD 4500 with Single Mikuni Carb Kit.

Level 8. HD 5000PF - HD 5000 with Pro-Flo heads.

Level 9.  HD 6000 -  HD 4500 with twin Mikuni carbs.

Level 10.  HD 6000PF - HD 6000 with Pro-Flo heads. 

 Level 1 - Can order muffler installed with new engine.
Level 2. Owner or dealer install kit.
Level 3. Dealer install kit.
Level 4. Must be ordered with HD4000, HD 4500 or HD 6000 new motors.
Level 5. New motor order.
Level 6. New motor order.
Level 7. Owner install carb kit on existing HD 4500.
Level 8. Owner install carb kit.
Level 9. New motor order.
Level 10. New motor order.

Level 5 though 10 motors when ordered new, come with twin tuned exhaust.
Level 2 through level 9 motors, if ordered new from Mud Buddy have a 6 month engine warranty.

Note: Modifications to a stock motor voids the Briggs and Stratton engine warranty. 

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Small Block Vanguard 

Level 1. Twin stainless muffler - see photos below. (customer install)

Level 2. Single Mikuni carb kit with twin muffler. (customer install)

Level 3. New Bandi - Level 2 with or without light headwork, roller rockers,
pushrods, valve springs and higher RPM gears
(rev limiter controlled at 4600) (BPS built in Salt Lake) (available in May 2008)

Level 4. Eagle 4 - Level 3. with cam and
Pro Flo heads. (rev limiter controlled at 5100) (Performance V Twin built)
(available May 2008)

Level 3 and 4 - Call for pricing

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Contact Mud Buddy at 801.352.8011 for more information and availability.

Performance components details and prices.

HD 4500 prices
HD 6000 prices

Single Carb Kits
Twin Carb Kits
Twin Tuned Exhaust Kit
Custom Throttle Kit
Custom Performance Gearing


Watch the fastest mud motor - HD 6000
Click photo below to play, click to stop.



Dial Up


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BPS performance engine model numbers do not depict horsepower.


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