May  2003

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New Product Review

Mud Buddy Quick-Flip
New for 2003 with full canopy roof that springs back with
the touch of your hand.

For the past decade, hunters have counted on us to build the toughest,
best thought out blinds available. 

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Mud Buddy blinds are the original fold-down frame blinds introduced by us many years ago, beginning with our Buddy Fastgrass blind.  Our blind has numerous standard features that blow the competition out of the water, and at a better price. A real value for today's hunter. 

First, our blinds feature the only low-profile frame that allows easy operation of mud and tiller type motors.  You don't have to buy kits, or special mud motor handles or have long arms to reach up and over the frame to operate your tiller outboard. 

The frame flips to the side of the boat for trailering.  Flips to the left side for side console model boats.  And every model includes a matching travel cover. 

The quick-flip top springs open with the touch of your hand.  The three level adjustment frame allows you to select the opening size and level of stealth.



And, to keep an eye on the sky, we have added four peek-ports in the back of the blind.  Each has a velcro closure flap to keep out rain and snow.


And for a quick exit without having to drop the blind, we have fitted the blind front with a freeze-proof zipper.


Our grassing straps make it easy to add vegetation to your blind for added concealment.  Add branches, burlap, Fastgrass strips, whatever it takes to get those wings back and feet sticking out.



Gun barrel mounts help secure gun in place while hunting.  Three, with hardware are provided with each blind.



And, it gets even better.  Every model is equipped with a full size dog door allowing Fido to get out when the shooting stops.  The opening is adjustable allowing him to see without being seen.



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