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Hyper News Announcement

Mudder Boyz, here it is.
A New Generation of High Performance Mud Buddy Motors
True Surface Running Technology at its Best

History:  For years, sportsman and backwater travelers have relied on the mud motor to transport them and their gear through some of the toughest backwater areas. They also relied on 40-year-old technology to get them there.  During the past ten years, Mud Buddy elevated the technical capabilities of the mud motor by inventing the full bearing drive, new pressurized seal system, a swivel assembly that allows the tailshaft to swing into the boat and the first computer designed and laser cut engineered lightweight frame and high tech performance propellers. Two U.S. patents were awarded for our design innovations for marine engines.  In just a few years, Mud Buddy became known for our advanced technology and quality. Soon after, Mud Buddy's loyal customers allowed us to become the largest mud motor manufacturer in the world with over 46 models and hundreds of dealers across North America.

the boat pro s drive

Our Goal:  To build an all new short shaft mud motor design that has the ease of operation and performance of an outboard, but yet have the prop control and versatility of a balanced mud motor outdrive.

the boat pro s drive____________________________

"Sit or stand, the choice is yours with the Hyper.  Me, I like to run the motor standing when in the tough stuff where I can instantaneously control the prop and performance. "  

Chad Wall, Mud Buddy Gator Trax Boat Technician



The HypeDrive - Thinking Way Outside the Duckboat:  The new HyperDrive has serious get-up-and-go, is easy to operate sitting or standing, but still retains the mud motor ability to position the propeller wherever and whenever instantaneously while negotiating the toughest backwater terrain. And, we wanted an all new drive that would run completely on the surface, a floating drive that would run near the bottom of the boat to limit machine crunching impacts when in rocks and logs. We also decided early on that we wanted multiple models from 6 to 35 horse that absolutely make those duck boats come alive.

And, better yet, at a price that new short-tail owner's can afford.  So good, we are known for the lowest priced short-tails ever offered.



After months of research, Cad/Cam design after design, and numerous prototypes the new HyperDrive was born. We ran a half dozen secretively last hunting season in different parts of the country. Ideas were turned into reality. The best ideas were kept and the harder ones were shelved to be perfected later.

Ideas to Welding Table and then to the Marsh:  The 29 Kawi was our first prototype and is featured in most of the Hyper videos here on this web.  It weighs approximately 220 pounds, has a 3' sealed drive shaft with stainless bearing assembly, a sealed cast aluminum main frame, bearing swivel turning assembly, 10" to 12" Tiger triple-cup Asian style propeller that will outrun the competition, and best yet, it blasts out of the hole with a fully loaded boat.  We worked over every aspect of the new drive. A short and tall transom version were designed and lots more features were added.  And best of all, the average speed, depending on the model, ranges from a whopping 20 to 40% increase over conventional long tailed mud motor using the same engine.  And all this along with easier operation and steering than ever before. Plus, it is better in mud, better when under load and better in every test we ran than our traditional longtails.  And rightfully so, it is newer Mud Buddy technology.


Our Hyper formula is simple:  Outboard handling and top end performance + balanced drive with full and instant prop control + lighter aluminum + 10 models + a higher floating surface drive + more horsepower + Tiger surface piercing prop + better price + Mud Buddy quality + patents on innovations + Mud Buddy legendary bearing drive + marine coating + stainless components + better load handling + bearing swivel + Mud Buddy service and warranty + sit or stand Floating Handle (TM) = ultimate performance = value = future = HyperDrive

Bill Henricks, Paul Balding, Glenn Foreman,  Mud Buddy design engineers


And More:  Being ahead of schedule, and while the pattern makers where forming the aluminum outdrive castings, we decided to keep the brain-storm alive. The machine needed more than speed and power, so we listed all the neat features we could possibly think of, including comfort, wrench friendly maintenance, extended frame life, and ease of use. And, of course, duck hunters love to accessorize, and with the help of our industry partners, we came up with a new line of boats, including the new Hyper Tunnel Gator, pontoon floatation devices and those other needed bells and whistles. (hang in there, more to come)

First, we worked on light and strong.  We redesigned mounts and hardware, shaved pound after pound and came up with a super tough and super light engineered laser-cut outer frame. We liked the sit-and-drive feature of outboards for long hauls, so we built a Floating Handleô assembly that automatically goes from sit to stand.  Plus its innovative friction plate allows the drive to flip up during impact without forcing the handle down and stretching armpits.  A twist grip throttle was a must for the newly discovered speed and power.  We like hunting, not greasing so we designed a semi-permanently (5-year interval schedule) sealed outdrive.  We donít like to see props shearing off so we developed a hardened 1 1/8" to 7/8Ē step drive shaft with replaceable seal sleeves so the shafts can last a lifetime.  We donít like rust, so we added zinc undercoating and stainless hardware wherever possible to match the stainless lower bearing assembly.  Less vibration makes a better ride, so we partnered with a California custom car suspension company and came up with an engine assembly mounted on a polyurethane cushioned swivel body.

Adjusting trim with a crank handle was unthinkable, time consuming and inconvenient, so we developed a hydraulic assist and electric rocker switch controlled tilt and trim assembly.

We didn't stop there. Other standard features include outboard style stainless clamp on mount handles, transom saver with trailer bracket, an adjustable skeg torque tab, baked on powder coat finish and cushioned throttle grip. Options include a tach and 12V cel plug. And of course, every Mud Buddy comes with a battery box and fuel tank. We also added a new electric two level 12V handgrip warmer.

the boat pro s drive


"We got the first prototype, Ohhhh what throttle response and hole shots.  And being able to control the prop put us in charge of how much four wheel drive we can handle. This Kawi is on my personal boat and is amazing.  The higher drive floats right over these Cyprus knees, and the new innovative propeller design doesn't even blink when under load. We all agree, this is cutting edge technology and was well worth waiting for."

Kent Saxon, Gator Trax Boats


And as a matter of accessories, we have a full frame camo cover. We also have an exclusive contract with KolorFusion for their patented camo hard frame finish, a no paint, no dip, no tape, built in color fused coating. This, rock-hard finish will be available in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass, Breakup and Natural Gear.

Plus, we now have the new matching performance Hyper floatation boat pontoon that bolts on and doubles as an adjustable trim tab making sure you get the most out of your HyperDrive.  The floatation pontoon installs easily and runs the full width of the boat allowing a smaller profile and greater lift. 

And, to top it off, we worked overtime on a new Hyper Gator Trax Tunnel Hull boat for our new motor line. The Gator Hyper Tunnel with full floatation optimizes the surface running characteristic of Hyper Drivethe Hyper by allowing the blade to ride high and even with the back of the boat, above rocks, weeds, mud, Cyprus knees and other nasties. How high one may ask? Well get this; the bottom of the blade is 1.75" below the boat.  We also kept the rounded chines so the boat lays on its side when turning, a Mud Buddy, no-slide exclusive. Plus, all the needed hunting stuff, is placed in the right location. And, the inside layout was planned with the customerís needs in mind. And like usual, there are plenty of options, plus the Gator Trax team doesn't mind building a custom boat.


"We wanted the ultimate duck hunting boat that would enhance the superior surface drive capabilities of the HyperDrive.  The new tunnel not only raised the prop even higher in the water column, the clean water feed to the Tiger blade, actually increased performance. The design will please the most demanding duck hunter."   

Alan Wall, Gator Trax Co-Owner

duck commander


"Finally!  I waited all my life for a good timber motor. Now I can sit and drive it like an outboard, and when I need to, I can still lift the blade out of the water to get up and over the tough stuff.  How ingenious, this is a gem. "

"We have been using MB for many years.  And why?  Other than a morning sunrise, there is no better feeling than the confidence you have in your equipment." 

Phil Robertson, Duck Commander

Note:  Phil got to run his first Hyper the fall of 2003 in timber, thick stuff and a Rocky Mountain river while filming his new 2004 video "Wanted Dead or Alive" with the Mud Buddy gang, Buckshot Robbie and other pro staff.  He didn't think it would run over 5" of water and rock riffle. What he didn't know was this is where the Hyper had been secretly tested for four months, on that ranch and private stretch of river, and that it was born to run in that stuff. (One side comment, we experienced it first hand, the DC is a pleasure to have around camp and without a doubt, he hits what he aims at. His new video was released just after the first Hypers were first shipped in June.)


"Gator Trax and other gold dealers will get the first production run. Hang on, you will love the new ride." 
Clint Hovey, Mud Buddy National Sales Manager


The new Vanguard 35 Hyper Mag will be available in October -
Justin Foreman, Buildout Shop Supervisor.

Models available this year include the 6 & 12 Yamaha,18, 21, 23 & 29 Van, the 24 Honda, 27 Kohler, and 29 Kawi EFI, our most prized motor the last couple years.  The 18 and 23 Van will be phased out as inventory is reduced. As mentioned, the 9th model will be the 31 Van and will be available in August. And get this, the new 35 Hyper Vanguard Mag will be released in October of 04.  This new motor flat-out hauls ass... 

The 6 Yamaha "Hyper Punk" runs like a 9, the 12 like a 20 and so on.  (The 12 and 6, 2:1 gear-drive motors, unlike their heftier brothers, will be offered on the standard longtail frame.) Example: The 12 Hyper pushed an 18' all welded Legend test boat with one guy and dog at 15.2 mph at 4000 feet elevation. We released 25 of the 6 (Hyper Punk) and 12 horse Yamaha test motors this past year and the customers love the light weight and top end speeds. We made many a layout boat and 14' flat bottom come alive with the Mini Hyper Punk motors this past fall.


"It has always been our job, beginning ten years ago, and no matter at what cost, to build the best motors possible. Our loyal customers know this to be true."  Glenn Foreman, President & Owner of Mud Buddy

As mentioned earlier, we worked on the price also. Talk about value.  Our Hypers are built with Mud Buddy technology, plenty of aluminum and stainless, have more horsepower, will be lighter, faster and have better four wheel drive for a fair price equal to other four-stroke outboards.

This could be you!!!!


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