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Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation and Excellent Customer Service

Mud Buddy Anniversary

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Watch for us on Duck Dynasty, Swamp People and Drake's Migration Nation this season.

Duck Dynasty, Swamp People

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Visit the New Backwater Store

Backwater Performance Store

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Excel Boatys

Echo Calls and Drake with Excel F86 and Sport V 44.

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New Sport EFI 37

The new electronic CDI and EFI Briggs motor has a tad bit more power, starts quickly
in all weather conditions, adjusts the fuel air mixture to any altitude, has
excellent hole shots and has a constant idle speed.

Overall this is the best Briggs stock motor ever built.

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Freddy King Drives the New Boss Sport H Drive


Dave Reynolds - Excel Boats
Info on the new F4 and F86
Plus some Mud Buddy Action


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News and Product Information
In 2000 we designed the first, the original belt driven mud motor.
Since, we have been first in quality, performance and first to the finish line.

Meet our 2014 lineup

HD Sport
Industries Best Selling Mud Motor
HD Sport 4400
HD Sport 4000
HD Sport 35 CDI

HD Sport 25
HD Sport 23

Mini Lightweight Frame
(Manual trim. The 23 and 25 have electric clutch options)
Mini HD 25
Mini HD 23
Mini HD 18
Mini HD 14

Traditional Longtails
(Basic quality at the industries best price)
LT 25 & 23
LT9 Robin (electric and pull start)
Longtail 7 Kohler Gear Driv

Sport V with Reverse

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The New Sport V for 2015

- Only balanced vertical drive that you can lift with one hand.
- The only shift on the fly handle mounted F-N-R
- Tougher castings with up to 100% thicker castings.
- New stainless handle mount.
- New reversing cav plate.
- No other mud motor can back in mud like
the Sport V.

Sport V Mud Buddy


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See the New Excel Center Console Series Boats

Excel Center Console

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Mud Buddy has the only high performance engines in the industry.

(EPA certified emissions)

No other mud motor web site will show you their mud motor
running with a large load.

Watch our Videos - No mud motor can handle
the load and run in mud like a Mud Buddy.

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BPS Perfoermance Parts

Need More power?
Visit the new BPS Performance Store

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New Hammer Propeller
Best Hole Shot and Reverse Propeller
Ever Built
patented 2015

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Stainless Sport Frames
limited stock
$450 add

By popular request - we built five stainless Sport frames.
Tall or short - pick your engine.

Stainless Components Include:
- Drive Tube
- Skeg
-Cavitation Plate
- Swivels
- Mount
- Mount Handles
- Drive Bearing Assembly
- Lower Drive Fastners

Aluminun Components Include:
- Belt Housing
- Drive Casting
- Clutch Cover

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New Super Longtail
First of its kind.
Electric Clutch Neutral
Amazing Gear Reduction Power and Top End Performance
At an unbelievable price.

Super Longtail

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New Service Videos
by Dave Porter - Gator Trax Boats

Drive Greasing
Electrical Troubleshooting
Disassembly of Drive and Clutch Replacement
Drive Assembly
Belt Tension
Sport V Lower Unit

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Small Motors for Small Boats

23 Vanguard and 25 Kohler


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Mud Buddy, the motor to own.

Black Death Mud Buddy motors

New Black Death Series 4400

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Dragonfly Airboats

Now available from Mud Buddy
Light, affordable, BPS engines, easy to drive and maintain,
and best of all - fun to ru

Dragon Fly Airboats


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Buy the original belt drive mud motor.
Sport Merc Belt Drive

Invented by Mud Buddy

Industry only water-tight sealed cast aluminum belt drive.
- Cast aluminum cutch cover
(not plastic)
- Marine grade powder and paint surfaces
- Only stainless drive components
- Steel skeg
- Pateneted seal and bearing system
- Toughest electric/hydraulic trim system (Mercury 8400 pound)
- Stainless 25mm drive shaft
- Steel drive tube
- Five vibration dampners
- Wires inside the handle tube
-Toughest electric clutch
- Cushion grip

Sport Water Tight Sealed Drive

plus, only convenient handle-end control box
now available with custom stainless and aluminum squeeze throttles

Handle end control box

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New Hotti Warm Motor Cover
Video Clip

Hotti Engine Cover

Designed to cover your hot engine while hunting.  The cover is lined with silicone impregnated fiberglass
heat resistant material. Comes in Natural Gear, Max-4 and Duck Blind camo. The handle portion
of the cover is open with a pocket to cover the control box.  Cover has grassing straps.
Set out your decoys and then cover the warm engine.


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BPS Performance Stainless Mufflers

Sport Black Death 5500Black Death Q muffler

Muffler details
Two great mufflers to choose from:
Single Crossover and "Q"

unmatched weld quality

BPS Muffler

Performance Mufflers
Q muffler

BPS Performance Exhaust
Vanguard Large Block Horizontal
Vanguard Large Block Vertical
Vanguard Small Block Horizontal
Kohler 25 and 27 Horizontal
Single Crossover Stainless Exhaust
Quiet "Q" Stainless Muffler

- 304 Stainless
- Over sized baffles for maximum flow
- Hand tig welded
- 9mm tough exhaust flanges
- Heavy duty mounting brackets
- All mounting hardware included
- Q muffler is quiet - similar to stock but with low rumble due to oversized interior baffles.
- Single Crossover has removable silencer and aggressive sound.

Now only $419
order paypal


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Performance Parts Available

Most Powerful Mud Motors

- Improves performance
- engine runs cleaner
- full crankcase ventilation (EPA required)
- easy to install bolt on
kit with photo instructions
(jetted for lean clean-air emissions)
call to order
Micah 801.352.8011

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New Mercury Hydraulic Trim Conversion Kit
Converts 2006 to 2008 Sport frames to new 2014 Merc Sport Frames

 more details

Mud Buddy Mercury Trim

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Free Twin DVD Set and Color Brochure
 call 801.352.8011

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Nothing can follow a Mud Buddy - Nothing...

Can't follow a Mud Buddy

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Big Blade TM
If this isn't the fastest propeller you have ever run,
return it in new condition within 10 days for a full refund.

Mud Buddy Big Blade

Original equipment product.

Guaranteed fastest mud motor blade on the market.
- Fits all major brands
- Better performance
- Better mud running
- Better hole shots
- Cup on trailing edge for longer life

$217 - Order now (3/4" hex and 7/8" thread) 

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Enter - New Mud Buddy Store and
Performance Center

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