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HD Sport for 2014
Think Quality - Drive Performance

Mud Buddy was the first to design the belt drive mud motors in 2000 - years before our competitors. In fact, Mud Buddy manager, Glenn Foreman built the first belt drive in 1994. Years later, Mud Buddy continues to build the highest quality, fastest and most powerful mud motors in the world.

The Sport is the best selling general purpose mud motor on the market. It is a quality product, but best yet, it will out-run and out-haul any mud motor built. The reason is simple. The Sport is designed with flat drive technology that runs at less angle than other mud motors which allows the prop to push straight forward. Nothing touches its performance in deep mud, weeds and timber. If you have a large boat 16' and over, this is the motor for you. Check out these features and models.

Mud Buddy Sport

Electric Clutch allows you to start and stop the drive while in neutral. The conveniently placed control switch is located on the handle control box next to the operator. No need to turn around locate the control switch. Simple to operate. Just click the switch forward to lock the drive in gear, or press the switch backwards to momentarily engage the drive. Release the switch and the momentary drive goes back into neutral. A great feature for picking up decoys, maneuvering around trees, putting the boat on the trailer, etc.

The Sport Mercury Marine 8200 pound Power Tilt and Trim is standard. Automatic trim units take a serious beating on mud motors and this year, we have developed an extra-heavy-duty trim unit to match the quality of the HD Sport. Our all new trim unit this year, with a cast aluminum body and hardened 1.25" piston is responsive and very easy to use. Just tap the tilt and trim button located near your thumb on the handle control box. 

Industry Exclusive Features only found on the Mud Buddy Sport:

- The only mud motor with a marine style power tilt and trim.

- Only mud motor with marine style clamp mount handles.

- Only mud motor with a travel lock ball system that locks the motor from moving up-or-down, plus it locks the motor left and right for worry-free trailering.-

- Only mud motor with a marine two layer powder coat finish.

- Only handle end control box.- Only Big Blade performance propeller.

- Only water tight cast aluminum outdrive (important in cold regions where freezing temperatures will freeze lesser quality drive belts.)

- Only mud motor with a snag-proof wiring protection cover.

- Only mud motor with built in boat hunting blind mounts in the clamp mount. Only patented long - life mud motor bearing and seal system.

- Only mud motor with stainless performance exhaust options.

- Only mud motor with optional gear ratio selection to match your boat and load.

Mercury Power Tilt and Trim

We offer a long list of additional industry exclusive features.

The Handle Tip Control Box allows the operator to run the clutch, tilt and trim and kill switch without reaching back or turning around when running the motor. You asked for it and this feature is only available on Mud Buddy products. It is convenient, tough (nylon with fiberglass filler) and looks great. The football shape fits nicely in your palm for two-handed man handling strength when running in tough conditions. The squeeze grip throttle and cushion grip provide unmatched comfort and convenience. 

Quick Release Travel Lock allows you to tilt the motor up and into the locked position. The motor will not move up or down or side to side when locked. To release, pull the spring loaded lock assembly.

U.S. patents 6,302,750 and 6,361,388 - Our patented bearing assembly
is well known for its quality, easy maintenance and rock-solid construction. 

Vibration Isolators - Smooth and Easy to Run - Light Years Ahead of the Competition: If you run long distances and want a mud motor that is smooth, this is it. Our frame and outdrive is computer designed and harmonically balanced to start with. Then for added benefit, we isolate the entire drive and engine from the boat with polyurethane vibration isolators, designed by one of the nation's best known auto suspension companies. You may like the looks of the Sport, however, you will love the feel.

The only performance mud motor with vibration isolators built into the frame.   

Natural Gear camo option shown           

Powder Coat Finish. We have the only marine powder coated frame in the industry. We went one step further with a marine powder coat finish, plus rich zinc undercoat. In all, the frame goes through a ten-part finish process. You will not find better quality in any marine product. We run our motors on the Great Salt Lake which is four times

The only mud motor with marine grade zinc undercoat and marine powder coating. 


More power, faster and better load carrying capability. The Sport's new longer drive frame, and shallow drive angle runs flatter than all other short tail mud motors allowing the propeller to push straight forward rather than at a steep angle. Same principal as an outboard, trimmed up flatter for better performance. The end result, a flatter running boat, more power, more speed and better load handling capability. When needed, our new mount design allows the drive to drop deep into the mud for the best four-wheel-drive in the industry. Nothing touches us in the mud.

High and Low Transom Models. This year we shortened the drive and moved the engine swivel 8" closer to the drive housing, effectively reducing the drive length by 17". These changes are reflected in the Sport's easy handling, maneuverability and quick steering response. 

Blind Mounts to the Motor. Our optional grass blinds mount to the clamp mount. A great feature for the sportsman that wants easier and stronger blind mounting.

The Wire Assembly Cover encases the engine rectifier, starter, circuit breaker and all loose wires. Customers have been asking for this new clean look that not only enhances the appearance of your motor, but protects it circuitry as well.


Competition wiring (left)
Mud Buddy wiring cover (right

The Big Blade propeller is legendary. It is extremely quick and handles a load well. We have tested every blade out there and found nothing touches the Tiger's performance. The Tiger propeller is the hardest stainless steel blade on the market. The new Tiger prop for 2008 is a unique design resulting from our partnership with Mercury Marine. Our Big Blade brand prop is the hardest, longest lasting prop on the market. It is also well known as the fastest with neck snapping hole shots.   

Other features:

Low Profile Design
O-Ring Sealed Outdrive
1 5/8” drive tube, 3/16” thick
25 mm Hardened Stainless Drive Shaft
½” Thick Cast Aluminum Sealed Outdrive
Floating Handle
Low Profile Skeg
Power Vented Clutch Assembly
Low Maintenance Outdrive
Lower Stainless Hardware and Fasteners
Clamp Handles Designed for Padlock
Patented Marine Motor Bearing Drive

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Black Death 5000
High Rev CDI Coils
Iron Mountain Heads
BPS Q Stainless Muffler
Water tight cast aluminum outdrive

Electric Clutch Neutral
Floating Handle
Marine Powder Coat Finish

Hammer Propeller

Black Death 4400
Stainless Briggs Exhaust
Water tight cast aluminum outdrive

High Reb CDI Coils
Black Death Intake
Mikuni 42 mm
Iron Mountain Heads
K&N filter
Floating Handle
Marine Powder Coat Finish
Electric Clutch Neutral
Big Blade Propeller

35 Vanguard
CDI Marine
Auto Sprark Advance
50 Amp Charging
Mercury Power Trim
Marine Powder Coat fFnish
Electric Clutch Neutral
Big Blade Propeller
14-18' boats

25 Kohler
Mercury Power Trim
Marine powder coat finish
Electric Clutch Neutral
Big Blade Propeller
14-16' boats

23 Vanguard

Mercury Power Trim
Marine powder coat finish
Electric Clutch Neutral
Big Blade Propeller
14 -16' boats

Tall Transom - Add $150
Remote Standard Steering - $750
Hydraulic Steering - $1250
Rock Guard - $46
Tach - $46
Q Muffler - $419
Single Crossover - $419
Camo Natural Gear - $250
Camo Max 4 Paint - $300

Models do not depict horsepower.
Model options can change at any time.

Only 3 left - stainless frame.
call Clint at 801.352.8011 for details.

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Performance Stainless Exhaust Choices

Two great mufflers to choose from:
(left to right) Single Crossover and "Q"

Sport Black Death 5500Black Death Q muffler

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Carb Kit Options:
Single BPS Carb Kit
Twin BPS Carb Kit


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