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HDR - Hyper Drive Reverse Exclusive Features

Mud Buddy HDR

We invented the belt drive short tail motor,
and designed the first electric shift reverse.

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Mud Buddy


HDR Exclusive Features

Exclusive Mud Buddy Features

Ask for these features for the best mud motor you will ever own.

1. Convenient Handle End Shift FNR, Trim and Kill Switch

2. Moto Cross Soft Grip

3. Kill Switch Lanyard Where it Should Be

4. Wires Hidden Inside the Handle Like They Should Be

5. Marine Grade Stainless Clamp Handles

6. Highest Horsepower Engines

7. Built in Travel Lock

8. Mercury™ Built 8300 Lb. Trim Assembly

9. Cast Aluminum Transmission Cover

10. Cast Aluminum Outdrive

11. Stainless Drive Tube

12. High Thrust Reverse Splash and Cavitation Plate

13. Patented Seal System with Extended 50 Hour Service Schedule

14. Two Blade High Pitch Reverse Thrust Propeller

15 Line Cutter

16. Stainless Skeg

17. Cast Aluminum Transmission Cover

18. Marine Baked On Finish with Rich Zinc Undercoat

19. Three Gear Ratio Selections (large boats and loads)

20. Circuit Breakers (no fuses)

21, 22, 23 and 24. 4400 Engine Option, Black Death Intake, BPS Heads, Stainless Valves and K&N Air Cleaner

25. Four Vibration Dampers- Swivel Mounts, Handle and Trim Bumper

26. Extended 5-year Casting Warranty

27. Marine Grade Waterproof Electrical Plugs

28. Stainless BPS™ Oversize Throttle Lever

29. Extended Handle for Hunt Deck Style Boats

30. Handle Mounted Mid-Engine for Smoothest Ride in the Industry

31. Tach, Hour Meter, and Service Reminder w/Manual Programming

32. All Stainless Mount, Swivel and Engine Positioning Tray

33. Maximum High and Low Trim without any Trim Pin Adjustments Needed

34. O-Ring Sealed Waterproof Outdrive

35. Engine Vented Outdrive (No vent holes that let water and debris into the outdrive.)

36. Hyper Grass Camo Option (five step process)

37. 34" Standard Max Reach Outdrive (Built to dig deep in the mud and reach out to get better traction.)

38. German Engineered Drive Belt

39. Only Cavitation Plate with Splash Protection

40. Big Blade™ Propeller. Large cups and pitch which make this the best mud and reverse style propeller ever designed. Great hole shots, power for large boats and unmatched top end speeds. Plus one of the thickest and longest lasting propeller built today.

- Best Fit and Finish in the Industry
- Highest Definition Camo (see the detail)
- Lowest Profile Engine and Drive (8" lower than other belt drives)
- Smoothest Handle Vibration and Easiest Steering Belt Drive

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