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New Gator Hide Boat


Sleek Low Profile - 16" Sides


18x62 Hull .125 5086 Aluminum


Round Chines and Longitudinal Bracing as always!




Four (4) Spacious Cockpits and One (1) Dog Box


Three (3) man version also available.


Brush Rails and Grass Straps


Stabilizer Kit


Performs Like a Boat


20 mph with 4 men and dog!! (Stock 35 HD Sport)


27.2 mph with 1 man!! (Stock 35 HD Sport)


24-26 mph with 4 men and dog!! (45 HP HD Sport)


30 mph 1 man!!! (45 HP HD Sport)

There is a lot on this page.  Here are some
quicklinks to features.

Three-man next to four-man Gator Hide
Face Shield
Center Bench Storage
Hide with Brush
Deck Lids
Head Rest
Dog Step
Trolling Motor Bracket

There are 4 layout cockpits built in to your Gator Hide boat! Here
you will have adjustable backrests, layout blind style flip open doors
with grass straps, and comfortable adjustable headrests.

The cockpits and backrests are lined with Hydro-turf for your comfort.
The backrests are 2-positional as well. Fully reclined as shown above and below....

...and also a more relaxed position for the slack times of the hunt shown below...

Relaxed position also gets the backrest out of the way for passenger's feet or gear.

Relaxed position for the slower times in the hunt.


Adjustable pillows accompany each cockpit for proper neck support and
comfort. Pillows are cordura and waterproof.

Spacious center bench offers a lot of dry storage. Box is 62" wide, so
fitting guns is no problem.

Front deck storage hatch is also lined with Hydro-turf so your dog can
hunt low profile as well!  Some hunters use one of the three or four
man cockpits for the dog.

Hunter's laying down in a comfortable position in brushed boat with
head on pillow will be completely hidden by simply adding a face mask
or face paint.  Or order your Gator Hide with the face shields.

This Hide was brushed for a show in Louisiana with one bundle of
fast-grass and five myrtle bush branches. The branches were cut into
smaller pieces and placed in the brush tubes along the gunnel.  All you need
to do is lay a base layer of the fast-grass down then
break up the grass
with a few branches of indigenous vegetation.

Three (3) man Gator Hide is only 15' 10" overall including the Huntdeck™.

The Gator Hide comes as a Huntdeck! Driver sits (or stands) in the rear
cockpit to operate the motor. Dog ladders are also available for the Huntdeck.

When you want to sit up and relax in a more upright position while
the action is slow, the backrest adjusts by hinging it in half. 

The Hide comes standard with grass straps on the decks as well as pipe
railing with multiple angle pipes. The Hide also has brush pipes in the deck
in various places as seen above.

Your Gator Hide will come standard with a driving pedestal installed and a
tough electrical panel flight and bilge switches.  The grab bar is
removable as shown below...

Grab bar removed = More brush pipes!

View from the back side. Notice the driver who is sitting down in a seat to
drive. He is taller than the vegetation!

Deck plate unscrews to access the gas tank easily.

Doors buckle closed in case you don't have a full boat and want to cover
that vacant hole.  It is best to use a boat cover or remove the door for
trailering to prevent flagging and/or loss.  Travel and storage covers
are not shown, but available.

Add the trolling motor bracket, trolling motor wiring, and two front drop in
decks and you have a great fishing boat that has a HUGE front deck. Great
platform for rod-n-reel fishing or bow fishing! 

Bow Fisherman - We are working on a remote steer with neutral motor
clutch controls for the front of the Gator Hide.  Available summer of 2007.

When you add the drop in decks (lockable) you have over 72 square feet of
solid deck space for bow fishing or rod and reel fishing!

You can store your tackle boxes, ice chests, or other gear BELOW deck!
Keep them dry, locked up, and easily accessible!

Simply remove the deck when you need to use that cockpit for hunting.
Or, keep it there to cover up a vacant hole when your buddy oversleeps!

Passengers can sit on the deck between cockpits during transport. There
is plenty room for another passenger and a driver behind these guys.

Cockpits are spacious enough for passengers to double up on the
same bench during transport if this helps your load distribution as well.

Compare the 3-man to the 4-man Gator Hide.
The 4-man is 19' 10" overall length. The 3 man is only 15' 10"
overall length! Same width, same features.

Dog ladder can be hung anywhere along the rail on either side of the boat.

Huntdeck dog step also available.

You can see that there is PLENTY of room on the
72 square foot front deck! Four men can easily bow fish from here with
room for more people or gear behind them and tons of storage underfoot!

18 X 62 4-Man Hide
14 X 62 3-Man Hide

Call Clint for pricing.


Hunt Deck


Stabilizer Kit


Top Deck Hatch


One Seat Base


Electric Panel


Bow Rail        


Gas Tank Bracket      


Rear Lights


Center Bench Storage


 Grass Straps


Hydroturf Lined Cockpits


Camo Doors

Optional Accessories

Spotlight Kit

Removable “headlights” with

 12v plug

Call for pricing.

Custom Camo Paint

Marsh Camo Paint


Manual Bilge

Rule 1500 bilge


12v Accessory Plug

12v plug with wires

placed to your request


12v Battery

12v Cranking Battery


Seat and Pedestal Set

1 camo seat and 1 pedestal


Dog Ladder

For dog to climb into blind


Long Battery Cable

Allows battery to be moved from back of boat


Drop in Deck

Deck to cover cockpit


Face Shield

Flip up shield to cover face and head


Bundle of Fastgrass

Used to cover decks


Trailer (4 Man)

McClain 20’ w/ 14” tires

 and 3500 lb. axel


Trailer (3 Man)

McClain 16’ w/ 14” tires

and 3500 lb. axel


Want to order one? Need prices? Need more information? Availability?
Call Clint at 801.352.8011