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Excel Boats

The original step deck transom boat invented by Glenn Foreman.

Excel 2014 Brochure - Download

Excel F-4 Boat

Dave Reynolds (Excel Boats) and Rick Dunn (Echo Calls)
Talk about the new F-4 and F-86 duck boats.


F4 - Designed for hunters with all the right features in the right places.


Caution - Professional Driver, do not operate your boat like this.

The new F86 is made with hardened .125 thick 5086 aluminum.
New Bull Nose model shown with 1/4" bow tubing five 2" X 4" longitudinal
ribs that run the full length of the boat and fit and finish that you only
find on a Excel duck boat.


Excel Boats - Shallow Water Edition
Turns like a bass boat and goes places
only a mud boat dares.

Excel Boat Company

Mud Buddy now stocks the Excel Shallow Water Series Boats,
including Excel's new F-4 and F-86 step deck hunting boats.

Excel Duck Hunting Boats

This slick bottom boat will run through deep water, waves
and scoot through the shallowest marshes, without blinking.  

Its triple-taper chine (area where the sides meet the bottom)
allows it to turn on-a-dime. The interior is designed for lots of leg room
and everything is where it should be for the serious hunter. 

Topping it off is the finest fit and finish ever offered on a duck boat
at an affordable price. Matched with a Mud Buddy motor, this
boat will take you into any backwater area.

Exceleration Duck Boat

horizontal rule

Loaded with Standard Features

The new Improved Pod System (IPS) by Excel not only
looks great, but it has all the right angles,
curves and leg room needed to run a
shallow water motor.

Exceleration Hull

The new pods also house a battery, bilge and
full feature switch panel with interior lighting.  

If you ever drove a square chine boat you may have noticed
they slide like a hockey puck.  If you run your duck boat
through heavy vegetation, winding rivers and through trees,
you will appreciate our Triple Taper Chine.  It allows the boat
to roll into turns for immediate turning response.

(Triple taper means three bends where the boat meets the water)


2" X 4" hardened and extruded longitudinal ribs
run from the transom to the bow.  Rock solid...

Excel Hull Construction

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Exceleration Hull

The Excel Exceleration Hull has a unique bass boat style gunwale
that provides a number of performance benefits. More room,
better lift from the water, drier ride, better load capacity,
and on-demand steering.

This illustration show how water reacts to different hull
designs and the Exceleration Hull in green, other boats in red. .

horizontal rule

Three new camo patterns:

Natural Gear (with Timber shadows)   -  Natural Gear    -   Realtree Max-4

Natural Gear Green  Natural Gear  Realtree Max 4

For More Information Visit www.ExcelBoats.net

Call for availability and model pricing.
ask for Clint

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